Bröndum / Gärdin

Lars Bröndum and Per Gärdin duo works with integrating saxophones with live electronics in improvisation.  They have released two albums so far, Adhara (2019) and The Tail of the Snake (2020), and have performed in Berlin, Uppsala and extensively in Stockholm.  Bröndum and Gärdin sometimes performs with Mats Dimming and Daniel Borgegård Älgå. 


"Lars Bröndum / Per Gärdin's upcoming CD Adhara is yet another feather in the hat for live electronics-meets-saxophone music,"

"Those who like an audible musical voyage of discovery have come to the right place at Bröndum and Gärdin. On Adhara something is constantly going on, new paths are being explored and the musical possibilities seem almost limitless... Bröndum and Gärdin do not exhaust themselves in a musical display of power, but bring their two musical spirits together in a playful and imaginative way, without denying their individual voice. The result is impressive, even after several turns."  

"This is music for both an inward listening and the entire universe, which can be accommodated in one's head with the help of mere thought."      Roger Bergner OJ Orkesterjournalen #4 2019 

It’s really a high caliber performance. The duo delivers substantial improvisations and their collaboration in the moment takes up the challenge of being listened to with attention and being scrutinized from every angle without having an instant feeling of repetition, or wanting to go to the next song. There are six pieces of which two are 15 and 20 minutes long. The constant challenge of the electronics  very wide registers pushes the saxophonist to go further to exceed its limits. The alto articulation is convincing when it methodically / spontaneously crushes the curls. Of his efforts, a lyricism is expressed which illuminates their duo with a human, earthly, carnal dimension to which his partner responds with an increased sensitivity. It shows through as they progress. Remarkable!” (translation)         





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